A Poor Energy Audit Can Cost You More Money!

EHSI investigated indoor air quality issues where a foam insulation installer recently completed a FREE energy audit and weatherization upgrades (which coincidently included spraying foam). Spray polyurethane foam was applied to the underside of the roof sheathing without taking steps to remove moisture from the home. The spray foam created a significant barrier for moisture escaping the living area of the home from showers, cooking and even moisture coming up through a cement slab floor. In less than a year this sealed home developed severe indoor mold problems and rotting building structure. The cost for mold remediation and rennovation of building structure ran into the many thousands of dollars, far beyond the cost of an energy audit by a professional with no ulterior motive to sell foam insulation.

EHSI Home Performance Difference

Cost is NOT the only factor when selecting a Home Performance / Energy Auditor

Many prospective customers looking for home energy audits simply want to know the cost under the mistaken belief that all energy / home performance auditors are created equal. They are deceived by offers for FREE or low cost (e.g., $75) energy audits.

Home Performance audits following the Building Performance Institute (BPI) Home Energy Auditing Standard (BPI-101) routinely encompass 3-6 hours in your home, plus off-site report writing and detailed computer filing of your results to State agencies in order to make you eligible for Clean Energy incentives. Remember the old adage - If it sounds too good to be true it probably is? No company will send an experienced person to your home for that amount of time for free. So how can these low cost companies do it?

Recent government incentives have caused a wave of companies to enter the energy auditing market to be eligible for the contractor portions of the Energy Star incentives when they complete the upgrades. The vast majority of companies currently becoming accredited are heating and air conditioning contractors and insulation installers, not home inspection professionals. Their goal is to sell their products. Energy audits are offered cheaply in order to get in the door to be able to recommend and sell their products. The REAL COSTS of the audit are then hidden in the costs of the product upgrades offered to you. EHSI believes this is conflict of interest!

EHS Innovators is different!

  • EHSI sells no products and is not affiliated with any other contracting company. Our only service is auditing your home. Therefore, our recommendations are unbiased.
  • The only way we make money is by performing a good Home Performance audit service for you. The full costs for the audit are charged up front transparently rather than hiding it in other inflated and possibly unnecessary products or services later on.
  • Our auditor has over 30 years experience doing home and business environmental inspections, including energy conservation, weatherization, indoor air quality and mold. Our broad perspective gives us special insight into the big picture when resolving weatherization problems, well beyond those of contractors simply looking to sell insulation or heating equipment. Our recommendations will not solve one problem by creating another.

Don't be fooled. Use a true professional for your Home Performance Audit.