What Is Industrial Hygiene?

Industrial Hygiene is the science of environmental exposure assessment. Industrial Hygienists (IHs) are professionals dedicated to the health and well-being of people, keeping them safe from exposure to hazardous chemicals, biological microorganisms and radiation of all types. Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIH) are those that have reached the highest level of certification available in the field of industrial hygiene and environmental testing. Originally industrial hygienists worked primarily in factories and other industrial settings. But as our society has changed, so has industrial hygiene. Today, IHs can be found in almost every type of workplace or environmental setting including residental situations. EHS Innovators offers residential indoor air quality, mold & building science consulting services and testing.

EHSI Innovates IH

EHSI now uses state-of-the-art statistical tools to evaluate most air sampling results.  This assures your company's compliance with OSHA regulations even on small budgets requiring minimal sampling. Using Bayesian Decision Analysis (BDA) EHSI will accurately calculate the probability of worker over-exposures giving you concrete estimates of the risk of citation and the need for personal protection.  More importantly, BDA numerically leverages our proven professional judgment in statistical estimates explicitly and transparently for well-informed decision-making.  All statistical methods used are recognized and sanctioned by the latest AIHA Exposure Assessment Strategy.

Industrial Hygiene Services

Why Use EHSI?

EHS Innovators' expert team of Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIH) and Occupational Health & Safety Technologists (OHST) are highly experienced at all facets of Industrial Hygiene assessments, air quality evaluations and ensuring the well-being of your employees. Standard services include

  • Qualitative and Quantitative Worker Exposure Assessments - chemical vapors, gases & dusts, heavy metals, potent compounds and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), pesticides, noise, ionizing & non-ionizing radiation, biological pathogens
  • Industrial Hygiene Air Monitoring
  • Indoor Air Quality and Mold Inspections
  • Safety & Environmental Training
  • PPE and Respiratory Protection Hazard Assessments
  • Noise Dosimetry and Hearing Conservation Surveys
  • Laboratory Safety
  • Laboratory Hood Ventilation Performance & Design Surveys
  • OSHA/EPA Substance-Specific Compliance
  • Hazard Communication / Right-To-Know Compliance
  • MSDS authoring - OSHA, Canadian/WHMIS, European
  • Bloodborne Pathogens / Biosafety
  • Confined Space Air Monitoring
  • Hazardous Waste Site Contaminant Computerized Worst-Case Exposure Analysis
  • Radiation Health Physics
  • Non-Ionizing Radiation and Electromagnetic Field (EMF) studies
  • Pesticide Cleanup Risk Assessments
  • Expert Witness Investigations and Testimony

  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) Services

    hazardous drugs

    EHSI is located centrally in the pharmaceutical capital of the world in central New Jersey. We specialize in assisting pharmaceutical manufacturers, R&D facilities and hospitals assess and manage exposures to these active compounds. Our experience includes:

  • Potent compound exposure assessments
  • Hospital Pharmacy anti-neoplastic agent/chemotherapeutic agent hazardous drug safety
  • Development of API performance-based hazard categorization systems
  • Surrogate testing of control device (hood) performance
  • Specialized sampling techniques, such as IOMs and surface wipes
  • Laboratory decommissioning and facility decontamination (pharmaceutical & radiological) specifications and verification sampling
  • Worker API safety training
  • Laboratory hood and local exhaust ventilation (LEV) system evaluations
  • Reproductive risk assessments

  • Our direct work experience controlling minute quantities of these extremely potent compounds in numerous pharmaceutical facilities gives us a valuable edge when dealing with other "typical" chemical contaminants in other industries.